Why Us / About Us
Why Us? Ven Couture (001970593-T) is an internet Malaysia Online Fashion Shopping Boutique business. In the beginning we (Venice Yeoh and Jon Loh, married couple) started our online business on lelong since 2007, and we are one of a certified member store of lelong.com.my with a very good feedbacks. So now we extend our business to our own online fashion shopping boutique website.

We started in 2007 selling plushy, gifts items, bags and then into fashion clothes, trying hard to sell it via online but we had no profit and lost a lot of money making all the wrong turns and we end up in debt.

VenCouture has faced some of the most turbulent times in the ecommerce industry. With our successes selling lingerie today, we stand as evidence to the power of good vision and passion as well as good ideas.

Our Story
“It started with a belief that lingerie should be about the woman who wears it…
…and that it should make her feel good about herself.”

“When you educate a woman, everything changes.”

VenCouture products are characterized by unexpected attention to the kind of detailing found only in luxury brands. We take pride in our products. But we don’t believe you should have to pay RM180+ for a high quality lingerie.

Inspired by the women we met and we started VenCouture with a vision: to empower women through lingerie and create a culture where women help each other.

Venice Yeoh
Founder of yeng1489.lelong.my – Certified member store of lelong.

Jon Loh
Founder of www.jonboy60.com – Growing Linux Blog Magazine.


We don’t own a physical shop, don’t own a sales or pick up centre, don’t hire any salesgirl. Due to this, we guarantee to sell cheaper than any other physical shops simply because we can save money on paying rental, electricity bill , salesgirl’s salary and etc. We believe we are cheaper than most of the online boutiques out there.

We only buy quality goods and we pre-inspect our goods before shipping it out to you. Unlike pre-orders, it is delivered directly from the suppliers and the sellers have no controls over it.

How did we do it?
a) Low prices
Our commitment to low prices lies in our stocks, we personally get our stocks from china. And most importantly due to the your DIY ordering online, so We save costs without hiring any sales person.
b) Low cost shipping
Constantly on the lookout for cheapest in savings shipping, we believe that in POS LAJU is the cheapest and in term of servicing too.
c) Great value, amazing quality
We only buy quality goods and we do examine our suppliers goods before starting to sell out our products.

How do we sell it via our webstore?
We are striving into latest web technology and internet safety. From our domain name to our website design, we built it ourselves from scratches in the beginning. Subsequently, until today we are still catching up and changing according to the time and technology nowadays.

Reasons To Shop at VenCouture
If you are searching for Fashion Clothes, then you are in the right place. You are able to shop comfortably on your home and office. We are selling Ready Stock in our website. You can select your most fashionable clothes from our online store. We sell Fashion clothes, sexy lingeries, panties, nightwear, and many more.

Imagine never standing a long lines again, saving money on gasoline, spending more time with your family and friends doing the thing you enjoys, driving home from work without stopping on the department store and avoiding unhealthy impulse buying.

The reasons for shopping with us because of the following:
• Ease of buying
• No need to queue up
• Option to compare products through comparison sites
• Attractive deals and discounts
• Vast collection of items
• Efficient customer service
• Fuel savings
• Free or low-cost shipping and lower sales tax

This is the reason for shopping at vencouture.com is We deliver it into your doorstep! We are professional in delivering your items to you, usually we will post it within 24 business hours. Because we hate waiting, too!

Malaysia Online Shopping
Are you a Malaysian? Have you ever buy something online? It seems that most of the Malaysians are conservative minded, they prefer to buy something only when they can see the item in front of them rather than giving out their own credit cards number online.

This is perhaps the major concern of those people who wants to buy something online as they feel insecure. But think of this, you do not need to go through the hassle of finding car parks and stuck in the jam for hours, isn’t that why E-Commerce sites were created?

So would you change your mind now & start supporting online shopping! So, would you still buy something online in our website?

Can we be trusted or not? In business since 2007 and We are one of a certified member store of lelong.com.my. We have been in the business for many years with lots of satisfied customers! We have more than a couple hundreds active products online with a very detail and smooth shopping system! Hopefully, we’ll purchases more products to sell in future.

Can they trust VenCouture? Try google for vencouture and see what others are saying about vencouture. Here is the link : http://www.google.com.my/search?q=vencouture

Still feeling worry?

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We communicate with our customers. We keep in touch with our customers. We make ourselves available for our customers. If we have cheated, people can find us easily and bad comment about us!

We have hundreds of satisfied customers that have left rating & feedback at our lelong website:

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We are serious in the business, and we know how important and valuable our customers’ data are. Try buying from us once, I am very sure you will love the convenience of the internet shopping!