Wash Your Bras Properly Tips

Black Halterneck Strap Bra set

Black Halterneck Strap Bra set
It’s important to care for your bras properly. If your bras are washed, dried and stored correctly, they will longer and and give you more support. The very best way to wash your bras is by hand, with a mild intimates detergent.

Wash Your Bras Properly Tips

Bras need to be washed carefully with all the padding and elasticity you want to make sure that your bras are going to go the distance with you. Here are a few helpful reminders:

1) Before washing make sure you have fully read the label.

2) Use a lingerie bag to wash the bras in the washing machine.

3) Wash them in cold water with detergent solution. Close the clasps or hook the bras before washing them.

4) Scrub the bra straps with a soft brush. This is an effective tip to wash bras and prevent them from spoiling.

5) Use few drops of vinegar to remove sweat stains from the straps and linings.

6) Don’t dry the lingerie in dryer. Let them air dry. This prevents the undergarments shrinking.

7) To wash under wire bras, use cold water and hand wash them. Don’t use brush as it can spoil the fabric and break the under wire.

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