VenCouture Malaysia Fashion Online Store

VenCouture is a Malaysia Fashion Online Store based in Selangor that sells lingerie, intimate apparel, nightwear and women clothes. VenCouture is the ultimate costumes destination for all your shopping. Get your hands on the trendiest styles and ultra comfortable in looks. You’ll find gorgeous fit costumes, in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and roles to meet everyone’s taste!

VenCouture. where Sexy is an everyday thing. Become part of VenCouture and uncover your own sassy and sexy look. This season is all about being fun and flirty in an assortment of babydolls, bras and panties that are Oh So Sexy!

Your global destination for the sexiest Bras & Panties and the naughtiest Lingerie at guilt-free prices. VenCouture offers women a unique shopping experience with outstanding lingerie presentation in a beautiful and intimate environment, featuring everything from bras & panties, to sleepwear, loungewear, bodycare, and slimming products.

VenCouture is famous for its sexy, affordable and on-trend lingerie bringing unique touches to all our collections. We love fashion, colour, prints and have design at the heart of everything we do, bringing you amazing details of lace trims and embellishments to our complete range.

Then you will always have the luxury of shopping in the comfort of your own home on our online website giving you 24 hour access to our fabulous black, white and pink lingerie collections.

VenCouture Lingerie is the ultimate shopping destination for a vast array of exclusive quality lingerie at affordable prices. Since our web store opening in 2007, VenCouture has maintained a focused vision of excellence. The VenCouture brand name has become synonymous with high quality, affordability and elegance, and VenCouture takes pride in dedicating itself to its customers.

WHY VenCouture?

# Quality wise
# Varieties of choices
# Service
# VenCouture are always in trend on fashionable lingerie!
# VenCouture always have SALES!!!