Tips on Wearing the Mini Skirt

Tips on Wearing the Mini Skirt
A mini skirt just screams “power” in any woman’s wardrobe. This item speaks to the crowd and says, “Come look at me!” So how do you wear a mini skirt?

Really it is best to ask “Who should wear it”. As long as you are a woman of confidence with clean, shaved or waxed legs, go ahead and wear a mini-skirt. Because your legs will end up being on show constantly, do not try donning one if you are demure.

After the “who?” it is also important to know “what” kinds of mini-skirts there are. You are mistaken if you think that choices are slim with that size skirt. The type of fabric makes all the difference e.g. denim, satin, cotton or silk, etc. Also consider the room it offers (such as a tight or loose-flowing mini-skirt). Minis come in different cuts too – there are pleated, A-line, bias cut, and wrap-around types.

Next, you can learn what to wear with the mini-skirt:

– In summer, go with a sleeveless top and flip-flops or strappy sandals.

– For day wear or casual, choose the denim mini-skirt with a simple blouse.

– How about a t-shirt and mini for school (be sure to wear with leggings or tights so you and others can concentrate! Boots also go with your mini-skirt for school.

For parties, there are a variety of ways to wear the mini:

– Mini-skirt (no accessories) – just the right top
– Mini-skirt with chain belt – a funky feel
– Mini-skirt with heels – (wear this at your own risk.)
– Mini-skirt with stylish leggings or tights – try patterned or fishnet styles

Also to remember: Whatever top you choose, a shirt, blouse or jacket be sure that the patterns, fabrics and textures go well together.

To determine the correct shoes, wear the outfit with the shoes and walk around your room. When you need to bend down and pick something up from the floor, be careful of your posture. Your legs must be bent all the way to the floor, not just bent to your waist.

If your legs don’t look great, apply make-up. You don’t want people to focus on a scar or blemish, rather than your overall look.

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