Nu Bra Helpful Training Tips

Black Nu Bra Breathable Cotton Material

Nu Bra stick on bra, is not just another backless and strapless bra – in fact, Nu Bra is a revolutionary invention that answers many women’s prayers!

Not only does Nu Bra feature two stick on, silicone gel bra cups, special reusable adhesive backing, plus a front closure to give you freedom and comfort, but it is also free of any straps or side extensions! Nu Bra stick on is so soft and comfortable, once it adheres to your body it feels like a natural part of you. It can be used up to 120 times without loss of adhesiveness

Nu Bra Helpful Training Tips

* For best adhesion, breast area MUST BE WASHED with a mild soap and water and dried prior to wearing Nu Bra. Anything between the adhesive and the skin (including the natural body oils from overnight sleep or lotion, perfume…etc.) will reduce the tackiness of the adhesive. This also included the soap. Do not use any soap with lotions or moisturizers in it.

* Nu Bra must be worn at an angle (refer to Nu Bra instructions) in order to have the swivel lift and support once the front closure is fastened.

* Nu Bra is not designed to cover the entire breast (or the product will be too heavy to wear). It is designed to mainly cover the nipple area and to pull in both breasts to create cleavage. For women with lower breasts, Nu Bra should be worn higher than natural breast position for a better projection.

* After each wear, Nu Bra must be washed with warm water and soap (same way we wash our hands), otherwise the adhesive will be clogged and may gradually lose its tackiness. Do not rub the adhesive vigorously. You may gently wash it.

* Upon arrival, when you are testing the fit of your Nu Bra, we suggest that you use a saran/plastic wrap to cover and protect the adhesive while fitting. Nu Bras are NOT returnable after wear.

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