How to Make a Lingerie Works For You When Your a Plus Size

What is lingerie? Lingerie for plus size? Is it actually fit? Will looks good for me?
Lingerie are fashionable and typically alluring undergarments. Lingerie is one those things that a lot of people like the idea of but don’t really know how and where to get one especially for plus size! The stress of finding something that you like, that fits and is priced well can be very overwhelming. However, once you find those pieces, lingerie totally has the ability to boost your confidence, attitude and approach to sexuality.

I do hope these tips How to Make a Lingerie Works For You When Your a Plus Size helps and you’ll get a great looks on what you can find!

1# Measure your bra size

Remember that the size 5 or 10 years ago and now are totally different! They told you that you were a 36D? At the time, you totally were, but that doesn’t mean you are still the same size today. Don’t rely on antiquated sizing information! Seriously you need to get re-fitted now especially you have big top!

Your breasts can easily change sizes as time flies due to diet, medication, exercise or stress changes etc, meaning you could easily be gaining or losing a few sizes and not even realize it. The worst thing is wearing the wrong size bra which will ultimately cause your clothes to lay incorrectly and not provide your back with the proper support!!

So start your lingerie quest here, by figuring out what size you truly are. You can always to a store and be sized or do it at home with this guide on our site. Bra Size Reference, Already Know Your Bra Size?, How to tell if your Bra Fits and How to Put on a Bra Correctly. Knowing your bra size can help you go beyond just bra purchasing, most of the lingerie are sized according to bra sizes such as baby dolls, corsets and camisoles.

2# Two Piece Lingerie

End of the day, you can know your bra size, but that doesn’t mean a garment in the corresponding size will look good on you. Am trying to make your life and search easier, I’ve detailed out a few looks that are guaranteed to make you look fabulous, whether you’re a size 2 or 24.

Sexy Eye Catching Black & Red Lingerie
Two piece selections will always be the easiest way to go, because you can ensure that both pieces fit well. This is especially helpful if you tend be have a huge disparity between your bust and your waist.

3# Garter Belt

White Sexy Garter
Consider topping the look off with a garter and thigh highs. Garters are generally sized in straight forward XS-XXL sizing. Thigh highs typically come in standard and plus sizing options, so fit should be no concern here.

4# Two Piece Garter Set

Sexy Purple Temptation Garter Set

If you like the garter looks, but want something a little more special than a bra, consider getting a set of garter. They are a set of two piece with garter belt, you may like to view more here with some includes stocking as well.

5# BabyDoll

Luscious Pink Babydoll NightWear
There’s no reason you can’t move beyond the two-piece look. Plus size girls can absolutely look sexy in baby dolls too. Baby dolls are empire-waist style tank tops that are usually adorned with my favourite material lace and sheer fabric. These are great options because the fabric below the bra cups flows away, meaning there is no tight fabric to worry about. It just presents your girls on a beautiful platter while giving you a glowing ethereal look.

6# Costume

Wild Leopard Pajamas Garter with Stocking
Finally costume, one of the role playing lingerie! Nothing will make you feel sexier than a costume. You can pretend any role on what you wear and spice up your night according to the different themes.

So what is your favourite lingerie look?

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