From Buying Tips to Proper Care for Lingerie

Black with White Heart prints Bra Set

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For many of us, the world of lingerie has always been shrouded in mystery and just the word alone often sends an oddly mixed message that route everyone to be reserved for special occasions or not purchased at all. This is a line of thinking that needs to be altered and changed.

Lingerie is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, every single day. We hope more women will learn to embrace lingerie as part of their everyday wardrobes. Here are some guide From Buying Tips to Proper Care for Lingerie in how to shop for lingerie, how to care for it, trends to try, and how men or guys can best shop for their ladies.

Question: What are a few lingerie every woman must have in their closet?

Answer: Every woman should have a strapless bra, a bra set, a push-up bra. At least one garter for dress up. Also thong, bikini and short-style underwear.

Question: Does Garters has a purpose other than sex appeal?

Answer: A garter an item of clothing used to hold up knee or thigh-high stockings. Many people don’t use it for this anymore, because now you can buy thigh highs with adhesive gel strips on top to keep it on your leg. So nowadays, garters are mostly used as a sexy dress up piece. But you of course, still can use them for their original purpose too.

Question: Are there any particular lingerie trends?

Answer: Prints and brighter colors bra are very popular throughout the year, and purple sleep wear seems to be getting a lot of attentions as well.

Question : How should women best care for lingerie to ensure it holds its shape and lasts?

Answer: I believe all lingerie should be hand washed and left out to dry. Machines can damage small bits of high-quality fabric easily. Some tips on Wash Your Bras Properly Tips, Lingerie Washing and Care Instructions and How To Make Your Lingerie Last Longer.

Question : Can women wear lingerie every day, as most women misinterpreted lingerie as a special occasions wear?

Answer: We hope women wear everyday lingerie. There’s no need to only buy beautiful lingerie for a special occasion! You should wear it all the time! It’ll make you feel better to have a beautiful bra set on daily under your clothes as long as they’re comfortable and it will make you feel extra-special when you’re taking off your clothes, too. More guide on Why You Should Buy Sexy Lingerie?

Question : What’s a good item for a lingerie beginner to start out with?

Answer: She should start with one beautiful lace bra, something with a polka dots, very feminine and sexy. She can wear that every day and on special occasions. Take a look at How to wear a Lingerie, A Guide for Beginner.

Question : What are some tips for guys when shopping for lingerie for their girlfriends or wives?

Answer: They should always know their women’s size, look in their underwear drawer, or take a quick peek when her bra is on the floor and seek out something sexy but not too over the top. A lace bra is a great option because it’s sheer without being too see-through, and it’s versatile. Choose a color that you know your girl wears often, or a color that looks good with her skin tone or eyes. Don’t pick anything nude because that’s too basic, she can buy that herself. Try reading our Buy Her Sexy Lingerie Tips For Men.

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