Clothing and Face Shape Tips

Clothing and Face Shape Tips

* Oval-shaped face : The most perfect one, suits well in any kind of clothing, but have to refer to body size to determine the best match.

* Round face : V-necks or U-shaped collar top are suitable to them, tend to make the face looks slimmer.

* Long shape : Suits turtle neck collar but not square-shaped, U-shaped collars of which will cause side expansion result.

* Diamond-shaped face : Suits round collar, turtle neck tops. Prevent square type and U-shaped collars.

* Square face : V-necks and low round collars are good choice. Prevent collars in square-shaped or with angle.

* Triangle face shape : suits round-shaped collar. Prevent square type, V type, U type and any collars with angle.

Dressing Sense
* Don’t wear clothing too large for your body; but also avoid garments that pull, gap, or bunch (all indications of being too tight in some area).

* The person with thick arm, should avoid wearing clothes with short or fluffy sleeves, five or seven points of sleeves would be a better choice. However, too tight might have opposite result.

* For big-sized ladies, big collar or dark-colored garments will give a look that is especially slimming.

* People having broad shoulder should avoid wearing loose collar top or using shoulder padding which usually make them appear wider or heavier. Instead they should choose V-necks and dark-colored garments.

* Do not try complicated design or check pattern, tend to have expanding result.

* Steer clear of horizontal stripes, which make you appear wider, but consider vertical stripes, which make you look longer and leaner.

* Avoid tight clothing that will emphasize your heavy areas e.g. tummy.

* Dark-colored clothes help well in covering up, using a combination of light color top and dark color garments to cover heavy bottom and vice-versa.

* Heavy bottom should avoid tight pants/skirts or even 7-points pants.