Malaysia First Fashion TV Shopping!

Click on the item and select “Video” to view our product video. Simple as 123.

Malaysia First Fashion TV Shopping

Simple add cart procedures:
1) VenCouture Add to cart

2) VenCouture Add to cart

Q. How can I add wish list? Benefit using it?

A. Our wish list is name as sexy list. Benefit of using our sexy list is when you added it, you may view it next time until you have remove it. For example scenario: logged in and add item(s) into your sexy list, then you friends or you can login as your account again to view it the very next time too. You may add it after you view the item as shown as below image.
sexy list

Q. How can I enter the discount cash voucher code?

A. After you had checkout, you can see the apply coupon column.
coupon help
You can just enter the code there. Thanks.

Q. Why i can not type in few discount code?

A. So sorry, do remember you are able to insert one (1) discount code per transaction only.

Q. Why do i need to register as member?

A. So that you can keep a record of your order and keep your shopping information as well, it is very convenient for you and us, and it is free with no additional charges at all. Thanks you very much.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept Credit and Debit card, Online Fund Transfer, Interbank Transfer (GIRO), ATM Transfer, Cheque Deposit, Cash Deposit Machine and Direct Cash Deposit to our bank account number.

Q. How do I buy online?

A. Select the item you wish to purchase by clicking the “add cart” button.
VenCouture Add to cart

If you are purchasing more than 1 item you will be given the option of “update cart”, then just click other item “update cart”. If you do not purchase other item any more, proceed to the next step which is proceed to checkout.
coupon help

If you wish to purchase additional items simply continue shopping our site, then once the additional items are located, repeat the steps shown above.

Once you have completed selecting the items you wish to purchase, select the “proceed to checkout” text. Check that the quantity and price of the item/s selected are correct, “update cart” to refresh the quantity.

Complete the order form, click the “Place Order” button to continue. Record or print out your payment confirmation details.

Q. Why do my product(s) / item(s) still exist appearing on the shopping cart?

A. This is because your web browser had cache; very simple, all you need to do is go to the cart page and click the remove button. Now you can re-order again.

Q. Do we shipping internationally?

A. Yes, we do. After checkout, email us at vencouture[@] for shipping and total need to pay. We will reply you as soon as possible.

Q. How can i delete an item on my shopping cart?

A. This is very easy, just click the remove button. Now you can re-order again.

Q. How do I order on call (items that cannot be purchased online?)

A. You need to text or sms or whatsapp(preferred) us.

Q. How do I order online (items that cannot be purchased online?)

A. You need to email us at vencouture[@]

Q. How long does it take to deliver my order?

A. All orders are delivered by pos laju within 3 to 5 days from receipt of cleared payment received. Pay Today, Send Today! Usually Pos Laju will delivers your item(s) within 48 working hours and will be arrive soonest!

Q. How to view my order pos laju tracking number?

A. Remember to check your Order tracking, after the order had been made. You will see your order details when you login. The pos laju tracking number will be display after we received your payment.

Q. Why is my order(s) CANCEL / FAILED?

A. If the customer do not make payment within two (2) days, we will IGNORE buyer or CANCEL the order.

Q. How come i did not receive your email?

A. You will receive our email shortly, if you do not receive our email please do check on your spam/junk inbox or email/chat with us.

Q. Out of Stock?

A. So sorry, the item is no longer in stock. But you can purchases other items in our boutique. Thanks~

Q. Size Guide or Chart or any tips?

A. You may visit our tips section or our blog at Thanks~

Please do contact us when you need help or assistant. You may whatsapp us for any help assistant.

Simple Shopping with VenCouture Help Guidance

Shopping procedures

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