Fairy Card

Fairy Card

What is this fairy card?
Are you a shopaholic and a bargain hunter? The fairy card allows you to enjoy 20% discount on all items whenever you shop at VenCouture.

How it works?
It is a pre-payment plan with stored money value inside. Every time you shop at VenCouture, you’ll enjoy the discount and we’ll deduct accordingly from your account.

How much?
The minimum stored value is RM300 (same goes for every subsequent top-ups). We’ll be giving you an card number, and you can use it for every purchases / top-ups.

How do I know my balance?
We’ll state down your remaining balance before & after your purchases. You can also email us directly to ask for it. We do keep track of every single transactions.

Do I get Points?
The top-ups will be added into your loyalty Points together. Top-ups you will earn 31000 loyalty points and spending you will get loyalty points too. 31000 loyalty points equals to RM310. It is a win win situation!

Will it expire?
No. Your money is safe with us & it’ll last forever.

Is it refundable?
No, it is not refundable or transferable.

What happened if I spent and overflowed RM300?
If you do wish to continue to enjoy the discount, you’ll need to top-up another RM300. But, if you want to discontinue, we’ll round down the total items so it’ll not exceed the remaining balance. And, your remaining balance can be used up for the next purchase without the discount.

Why should I apply?
For the 20% discount price from our already very affordable and cheap price! It benefits you in the long run if you’re a frequent shopper.

How do I apply?
Purchase it at HERE Or Talk / Email to us at VenCouture[@]gmail.com

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